About Oli

Chocolatier since 2005. 
Avid creator of wild chocolatey awesomeness.
“I grew up in the family business Simon Dunn Chocolatier which was established in the same year I came to Earth, 1984.”
“My passion came from the working in the family business and has developed through working with groups of people, sharing my passion by sharing with others the magic of chocolate.”
My mission is to give people that same feeling I had as a child and growing up while watching and helping my Mum and Dad making chocolates. There’s no better feeling than creating something special from nothing and feeling proud of yourself afterwards, there’s something really special during the creative process where you just lose yourself in and forget about everything else!
Chocolate has always been a great way for me to connect with others and now I can do this with anyone in the world virtually with my chocolate making kits, which is an experience in a box.”
Peace, Love, Choc ‘n’ Roll. 🍫🤘🏼
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