Allergy Information

 *We manage all allergens by full transparency and communication*

Please see allergy information below.

Our Chocolate is made in Belgium and made from the finest ingredients.

It is Certified Kosher, Suitable for Halal, Vegetarians and Coeliacs/Gluten-Free.

Please note our chocolate does contain Soy.

However, our edible slime parties are not suitable for vegetarians, Kosher or Halal and unfortunately the ingredient used to create the slime cannot be substituted for an alternative.

If you do have any dietary requirements please let us know in advance. 

Dairy Allergies

We can cater for Dairy allergies with dairy free/vegan chocolate, please let us know in advance and how many guests are dairy free.

Nut Allergies

Our Chocolate is made in a nut free environment. However some of the toppings used for some of the party packages do contain nuts or have been made in a factory where there are nuts present. We can alter these to suit your guests and send list of ingredients for each topping or alter accordingly. 

Party Food Add-on

If you have a food add-on for your party all allergens can be catered for. Please let us know in advance.

DISCLAIMER * Whilst we will do everything possible to create a nut free or dairy free environment with all party packages and food add-ons, we cannot guarantee the absence of allergens from Cross Contamination or external sources*


 If you have any other questions please not hesitate to get in touch.




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